Trip Kolomna

“A day at the “Patefonka”

We invite you to “Patefonka” to learn about the musical decade of the factory quarter, listening to the aromas of Kolomna honey, learn the secrets of making homemade alcoholic beverages and hear the story of medieval weapons about the battle history of Kolomna.


You will have a walk through the territory of the long-closed factory quarter, which has replaced several industries and has become a modern creative corner in the historical center of Kolomna. We will discuss the history of the place: from a silk factory to an art residence. You will learn about the fate of musical production in Kolomna, talk about the ingenuity and creativity of workers who taught paper to “talk”, staged good performances and made the best spinning spindles in the world. We will examine the factory architecture, go into the factory floors and get acquainted with modern residents. Let’s stop at the Medovarnya, where you will learn how fragrant and delicious honey drinks were obtained from honey, spring water, perfumed herbs and ripe berries through fermentation and standing for many days. Get ready to try old Russian alcoholic meads of different varieties and non-alcoholic “sbiten”.


A more ancient urban history will be told by the Kolomna Fun Yard. The sound of medieval weapons will take you to medieval Kolomna, where in the clothes of a warrior you will learn the tricks of military combat, fight in a duel with safe weapons and learn about the entertainment and simple habits of the townspeople of that era.


Welcome to the “Merry Factory”, as the townspeople used to say – because the production is musical!

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